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The first thing the doctor will do is examine you. The Doctor will ask you question about your symptoms. The Doctor will ask you if this is your first outbreak. They may even ask you about your sexual history, how many partners you have had, frequency of sex and if you have had similar outbreaks in the past. They may even ask you what type of precautions do you take practicing safe sex.  The Doctor may take tissue samples from the affected area or blood samples from you to determine what type of Herpes you have. Testing the affected area or blood samples is the primary way to test for Herpes. Being diagnosed with Herpes is a life change event for most and the fear of others finding out.

Thankfully there are Herpes Dating sites like Herpes.Responsible.Dating were we strive to take that stigma of having Herpes away for you, so you can date or just make new friends with out fear of Herpes Dating.  If you do not have a doctor there are clinics that you can go to.

The information provided is general in nature. It is not meant as a diagnosis nor should you rely on this information to treat an injury or medical problem. If you need immediate attention, go to the nearest emergency room or discuss the issue with your physician. Herpes.Responsible.Dating is not a medical services organization and does not provide such service. All information contained in this blog is educational in nature. For Medical issues, we suggest that you contact a doctor.


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